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    • ’t typical to see such a drastic change  in these  decay rates.  Scientists are seeing a change of 1/10th of 1% in  these particles, which was previously unheard of and is unexplainable  at this  moment.  When a particle speeds up, it means it’s radiating  more  energy.   This includes the energy and particles  within our own  bodies.  Studies on DNA have indicated that even very weak  changes in the  energy field can ca
    • Before we are born, we choose the experiences that we desire to have in this incarnation and then make soul contracts with people who will help us along the way.  We also choose which parents we will have and the type of lifestyle we will lead.  You might be asking yourself, “Why did I choose THIS lifestyle?”  Because you knew it would give you the best chance to learn so many life lessons and to grow spiritually.  At birth, your personality, character, abilities, talents, strengths and weaknesses are already formed.  Now, it’s just a matter of learning from your weaknesses and using your abilities to the utmost capacity.  


      In the near future, you will meet people at the most opportune times in your life, and not by coincidence.  These people are part of your soul group who will help you with your life lessons.

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    • TechCrunch, founded on June 11, 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new web 2.0 products and companies – post by Jay Dugger
    • asdasdasd asdasd adawdwd asdaeter dfaetawer asdfae – post by Jiangti
    • I guess if Techcrunh users aren’t using Diigo….. – post by Andy Swan
    • lkjsdfölaskjdfölsadkfjöslakdfjsöalkdfjasöldkfjasöldfjksöaldfjkaölsdfjköalskdfjöalsdfjk – post by Tom Stone
    • ghd hair straightenerghd australiaghd hair straightener australia – post by ghd dasd
    • Mu Jogando.Net Season 6 ((23))

      Venham Conhecer a Nova Temporada da na versão Season6, com muitas Novidades, Eventos, Itens e Muito mais, para os jogadores do
      Super – 10.000x
      Pvp 15.000x
      Very Easy – 5.000x
      Hard 100 x
      Extreme 10x
      Novo Sever: War 1000x e Phoenix Ep.3 3.000x (32k stats) Acumulativo

      Algumas Novidades:
      -> Castle Siege, agora o GM da guild vencedora ganha SET exclusivo.
      -> Colete “Coins of Gold Fortune” e troque por itens no NPC Delgado.
      -> Novo Duel Arena, o top 1 do ranking ganha 100 GOLDs.
      -> Compre muitas armas com ZEN no evento Moss the Gambler.
      -> Fique logado e ganhe golds, Free ganha 1 GOLD por minuto e VIP 2 GOLDs.
      -> Novas invasões de DOURADOS.
      -> Novo mapa Karutan com novos MOBs, drops exclusivos e muita XP.
      -> Ganhe Chaos Castle e receba itens ancients.
      -> Todo dia sorteio de GOLDs entre os players logado.
      -> Dezenas de invasões todos os dias.
      -> O TOP ranking da semanal e do mês ganha muitos GOLDs seja TOP você também.
      -> Leo the Helper, ganhe todo dia um novo item clicando no NPC.
      -> O player TOP 1 Semanal de Illusion temple ganha “Fenrir Gold”.
      -> Seja um divulgador e ganhe set exclusivo de Divulgador.
      -> MegaUltraSuperHiper Evento de Castle Siege
      -> Novo char Range Fighter
      -> Novos PVPs
      -> Novos Mapas
      -> Novos rankings será implantado
      -> Nova skin no forum com novas opções.
      -> Novas Asas, Ring e Pendats 5 Socket
      -> Novos Kits Fusion V2, Shield Pv3 e Supremo Diamond (raro) Apenas 100 será vendidos
      -> Novos Sets especial com o melhor preço

      By xXxEmOxXx
      – post by Anonimo Anonimado

    • Today, Facebook shares (NASDAQ:FB) have jumped 5.28 percent, closing at 24.32. In fact, it represents a four-month high for Facebook, as shares have not traded at this level since the first lockup expirations. Last Wednesday, Facebook experienced its biggest lockup expiration. To everyone’s surprise, shares popped more than 10 percent in a few minutes. Today confirms that the worst has passed.
    • I can’t seem to find out the exact color to the highlight when hovering over menu options in C#, anyone know?
    • C# is a programming language, not a program or an application. You need to be more specific. Why not post a screen shot?

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