posts from diigo 11/03/2011

    • A few weeks ago Chess Media Group released a no-cost research report we put together on the “State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration.”  The report was put together from survey responses of 234 executives, decision makers, and practitioners at companies around the world who are implementing emergent collaboration solutions at their organizations.  One of the questions we sought to answer was which departments are most actively engaged in or involved with Enterprise 2.0 efforts?


    • We found that business develop/sales, marketing/communications, and operations/IT were the top three departments that were actively engaged in Enterprise 2.0 at their organizations.  What’s actually more interesting is how the size of the company affects or influences the departments which are engaged and most actively involved in these initiatives.  For example, in a company with 100k employees would their business development/sales teams be as actively involved as they would be in a company with under 10k employees?  So, how do different size organizations see their breakdown of department involved and engagement?


      When looking at this we noticed something interesting, take a look at the chart below:

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