posts from diigo 12/02/2010

    • We’ll be adding tons to the Deal Feed over time, beginning with making it more social: you will be able to connect your feed to Facebook and receive updates on what your friends are doing, such as when your friends buy deals, follow a new merchant or comment on an offer. This will be another fun way to find great offers – or just keep on top of what your friends are up to.
    • Today things are different – our biggest problem is that demand is so high, merchants often wait months to be featured.
    • Personalization, Stores, and the Deal Feed are our attempt to re-imagine things.
  • RT @mranti: 我从工科转网络写作,第一模仿的是中文圣经;从网友转新闻人,分析模仿的是Economist杂志,评论模仿的是莫之许 @mozhixu ;英文写作模仿的是华邮的潘文,而英文演讲模仿的一直是Boston Legal。我在模仿中一步步专业化。

  • 用心看的东西会成为你的一部分。回忆我这次在美在德系列辩论、演讲,从手势、风格、到用字甚至有的时候是整个句式,都是不自觉地模仿和抄袭Boston Legal的Alan。这个片子真是最好的英文演讲教学片。

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