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    • Walter Lee, IT Business Analyst, Technologist

      The Android phones from Samsung are phenomenal and have surpassed Apple’s for practical functionality already…it simply does more. 

      My take after using both and asking different age groups their opinions on phone technolog

    • iphone for the 30 somethings+ that aren’t completely competent with technology or anyone who wants a very easy to use smartphone.
    • lly) for the next generation who are comfortable with technology or those who are more competent using smartphones and who want more advanced technology and features from a smartphone.
    • android(Samsung Galaxy S Series specifica
    • So, what is a “Google-proof question?” It is a question that can not be directly answered via Google (or any other search engine) because it requires, analysis, interpretation, and investigation. Writing such questions can be challenging. A helpful tool is Bloom’s Taxonomy.
    • ranging from knowledge (the simplest) to evaluation (the most complex).
    • synthesis and evaluation that can be considered Google-proof.
    • “compose, create, construct, rate, evaluation, design, appraise, argue, and assemble.”
    • 1. Rate the importance of the parts of the cell from least to most important.
      2. Construct a graph to display the cost-benefit data of three types of biofuels.
      3. Design an experiment to test the consumption of oxygen by germinating seeds.

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