posts from diigo 11/20/2010

    • 在Twitter或Facebook上,你不可能因为一幅图或者一段视频,就直接链接到原新闻出处的网站。而Tumblr可以,这就是区别。当然,Tumblr也不只是转帖的天堂,它还鼓励这些媒体从业人员做实时评论、网友互动。这使得新闻报道的立体感增强了,
    • umblr让他们看到了与读者互动的优势
      • test

    • For all the Android users. I recommend Socializer, there is a free version and a paid version. Didn’t see much difference in the paid vs the free, so get the free version. It may not be developed by Meetup, but I like it. It notifies me when new meetups are posted, lists your groups, events, activity feeds. You can RSVP for events, add your event to your calendar, check in, upload photos you take at the event, post comment or rating, and quite a bit more. I think it’s pretty comprehensive and folks I know that have the iPhone app like my Socializer app better. It looks like Meetup HQs creation and Socializer are very similar.
    • let organizers approve new members, or schedule events, or cancel events, or edit them. Or browse venues.
    • It would be awesome if it had an option for Organizers to check in people from the app… basically allow Organizers to do attendance.
    • provides a good way to figure out what your users want and being able to focus on what matters.

    • BTW, There are 200 Million Android users… and 40 Million iPhone users. No criticism. I’m just suggesting that an Android app would appeal to more users than the iPhon
    • e app. It would be nice to know when we might be able to expect an Android app.
    • w about combining “meetup for iphone” app with “snapup” app?

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